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Arrival of the Giants

Arrival of the Giants

Capt. Will Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The awesome inshore mixed bag fishing continued well into August, then we shifted our aim to the Neuse river in pursuit of the giant red drum, or old drum as the locals call them. We found them after a few days of searching and it continues to improve as more and more fish pour into the river. Some days have been epic and some okay with a few bites. We are catching them on artificial lures making long casts with medium heavy spin tackle and making a lot of noise with popping corks to draw strikes.

Keep in mind, this is a very involved style of fishing. More effort = more rewards. I will do my job to keep you on the fish, and I expect my anglers to return the favor by fishing hard! Every cast and every cork pop you don't make could be a bite you don't get. Some days you will only get a bite or two! Make as many casts as possible. You will be sore at the end of the day.

We have the largest adult red drum in the world. Come get you one on lures and light tackle. Call now, September is filling up!



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