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Dawg Dayyyzzzzzzzz

Dawg Dayyyzzzzzzzz

Capt. Will Thursday, July 11, 2019

Man, we are having a blast. Redfishing hasn't been as easy as the last couple yeas, but it keeps the crowds down and we are still catching plenty to provide smiles and laughs and awesome topwater explosions. I mean you just can't beat it.... Why fish for anything else??? Some days we are landing on fish and getting good numbers and often hitting double digits and some days we really have to work at it, but I can guarantee if you don't go redfishing, you aren't going to catch redfish! Topwaters have been the ticket mainly, but on these hot afternoon tides with water pushing 88-91 degrees, we are having to spoon feed them and use other sub surface baits like chatter baits and spinner baits. I love summer time redfishing it is so fun! While we haven't been doing much targeting of speckled trout, some days we are catching a few nice size 20-25" speckled trout on topwater on the flats while chasing reds. It is pretty sweet to see those big yellow mouths shaking their heads and even leaping like bass on occasion.

Spanish mackerel, bluefish and sharks are providing some great fun for families, kids and people who just want a higher volume of action and don't require the glory of the gold! Of course, when you can throw topwater and catch 3-5lb bluefish, that is the way to go!

As always, if you want in on this fun summer action on the Crystal Coast out of beautiful Beaufort, NC, give us a ring! We would love to show you a good time whether chasing glory or just getting some rods bent, LET'S GET AFTER IT! 919-218-8451

Also, check us out on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates, I only have time to post to my blog occasionally but I post on social media weekly! Enjoy some recent photo evidence...

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