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Crystal Coast Inshore and Nearshore Fishing Charters with Captain Will Jones

Cape Lookout Inshore

Speckled Trout topwater
Red Drum
     The inshore waters around Cape Lookout offer many opportunities to pursue Red Drum, Speckled Trout and Flounder. Other species that we will frequently run into while patroling the flats are bluefish, crevalle jack and sharks.  On an inshore trip around Cape Lookout, we will usually fish in Lower Core Sound, Jarrett Bay, Back Sound or North River but we have easy access to other areas like Newport River, Bogue Sound and Upper Core Sound.  Whether we are fan casting the crystal clear grass flats behind the Core or Shackleford banks with gold spoons and topwaters, pushing up a small creek or up in the marsh, the view will not dissapoint. We are lucky to fish in the most beautiful place in the world!
Red Drum and girl
popping cork red drum

Cape Lookout Nearshore (within ~15 miles)

     Here at the Crystal Coast, we are lucky to have quick access to Barden's, Beaufort and Bogue inlet.  The ocean waters along the vast beachfront and the nearshore wrecks and reefs offer endless opportunities to chase Cobia, Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish, False Albacore, Atlantic Bonito, King Mackerel, Amberjack, Sharks, Flounder, Red Drum, Speckled Trout, Gray Trout and more! The greatest thing about breaking the inlet is you never know what you will find on that particular day and there are so many choices of fish to catch and how to catch them... Take your pick!
amberjack topwater plug
False Albacore "albie"
False Albacore Fly Fishing
Cobia Girl
Big Bluefish Topwater Shark Island
Big spanish casting

Neuse River Monster Red Drum

     If you are a big fish on light tackle junky, this is your fishing trip!  Here at the Crystal Coast, we not only have great fishing in our front yard, but we have relatively easy access (a quick run up the intracoastal waterway) to the Neuse River, right in our back yard! This will be a premium trip and only available as a 3/4 or full day, but worth every penny.  Very large adult drum from 38-50+" that can push over 50lbs are available in targetable numbers in the Neuse River around August and September and can be targeted with artificial lures. 
     Despite the challenge of targeting these fish in such a large body of water, this fishery can be pretty consistent.  We catch them with medium heavy spin tackle, 30lb braid throwing popping corks and soft plastic lures suspended beneath them.  We will look for a large biomass of bait and fish there around it where the predator fish will key in on the menhaden, bluefish, mullet, crabs... They will eat anything!  Sound is key.  The cork makes so much noise, we are able to draw them to the surface from 2 feet of water all the way to over 20 feet!  We even catch them blind casting in likely areas on a regular basis.  Work the cork aggressively and with efficiency and you will reap the benefit! 
Old drum and girl
Popping cork old drum DOA lures
Neuse River Old Red Drum fishing popping cork artificial lures