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Fall Albie Blitz

False Albacore Fly and Light Tackle Fishing (October-November)

Prices Starting at:
3/4 Day: $750
Full Day: $900

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In fall, as the coastal waters cool, baitfish flood out of the local inlets and the predator fish along the beaches respond with feeding frenzies that can be epic at times! This is a fly or light tackle fisherman's dream... Running the beaches looking for birds and/or splashing fish is the name of the game. False albacore are hard fighting fish that blister the drag on fly or spin reels and hit flies and lures at or near the surface and take off running. This fishing is very exciting and there is a cult following of "albies" up and down the east coast, where Cape Lookout often is the epicenter of the action. Other species that sometimes partake in the fall blitz are sharks, Spanish and king mackerel, bluefish and redfish, sometimes even giant redfish or "old drum." If you're a big fish junkie, you owe it to yourself to come to check out Cape Lookout in the fall!

  • Rates are for up to 3 anglers. Any additional anglers are $50 per person.
  • $150 deposit to book a trip
  • 3/4 day ~ 6 hours
  • Full day ~ 8 hours
  • If weather or emergency pushes us off the water early, a deal will be worked out. We are very fair and would not want to have our customers waste their money.
  • Cancellation Policy: The captain reserves the right to cancel due to weather. The Captain will not take clients out in weather he knows will totally impair our ability to do what we set out to do, and he will definitely not risk your safety.
    • Deposits will be refunded if the customer cancels 30 days or more before the trip.
    • If you should decide to cancel within 30 days of the scheduled trip, you will not be refunded your deposit, unless we can find someone to fill your spot.

Book A Trip or Inquire

Fishing enthusiasts who are more adventurous and are looking for a challenge might want to target the False Albacore. This fish is known to put up a hard struggle when caught on a fishing line, which is why individuals who are looking for more excitement find this species to be the perfect prey. The fall is the season to go fishing for False Albacore. This is a predator fish that feed on smaller fish. When the smaller baitfish come out of the local inlets due to the cool coastal water temperatures, the False Albacore show up too. If you are a fly or tackle fisherman wishing to be able to catch some big fish, this is a great opportunity.

The trips would last for either six hours or eight hours, depending on whether you choose a half-day trip or a full-day trip. If we have to end the trip early due to weather conditions, we will work out a reasonable and fair deal with you.

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