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Nearshore Fishing

Prices Starting at:
​Half Day:$600
3/4 Day: $750
​Full Day:$900

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Fishing the ocean waters off of Cape Lookout and the Crystal Coast offers great variety and plenty of pillage! Weather is always a determining factor on what you can do on a given day, but species of fish we often target include king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, sharks, flounder, bluefish, black sea bass, cobia, amberjack and more!

These nearshore trips will be on the 25' center console, which provides the perfect ocean fishing platform whether we are casting at the surface feeding fish, trolling, bottom fishing, jigging, live bait drifting. You won't believe the action you can find without leaving sight of land, but if you want to stretch your legs and get out there, we can do that too!

The best trips for nearshore fishing, when the weather is good enough to stretch your legs are definitely the longer trips. A full day will open up range and time to do a lot! A 3/4 day is the minimum length trip for targeting species like king mackerel, amberjacks, cobia and anything that requires a lot of effort. The flexibility of a full-day trip will create the best chance of success, but a 3/4 is enough to target some big fish closer to home.

We take requests of course, but ultimately, the weather and prevailing conditions will dictate what we can do and species to target. Please trust your captain to provide the best experience possible! Believe this... he wants you to catch fish just as much as you do, probably even more!

  • Rates are for up to 3 anglers. Any additional anglers are $50 per person.
  • $150 deposit to book a trip
    • 1/2 day ~ 4 hours
    • 3/4 day ~ 6 hours
    • Full day ~ 8 hours
    • If weather or emergency pushes us off the water early, a deal will be worked out. We are very fair and would not want to have our customers waste their money.
  • Cancellation Policy: The captain reserves the right to cancel due to weather. The Captain will not take clients out in weather he knows will totally impair our ability to do what we set out to do, and he will definitely not risk your safety.
    • Deposits will be refunded if the customer cancels 30 days or more before the trip.
    • If you should decide to cancel within 30 days of the scheduled trip, you will not be refunded your deposit, unless we can find someone to fill your spot.

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Among fishing enthusiasts, nearshore fishing in the ocean is quite a popular activity. We offer nearshore fishing charter services off the Crystal Coast and Cape Lookout. We target a variety of fish, such as sharks, Spanish mackerels, king mackerels, bluefish, flounders, black sea bass, etc. However, the catch largely depends on the weather. You can enjoy a wholesome fishing experience even while staying within a viewing distance from the land. However, if you wish to venture deeper into the ocean, we are ready to do it.

We are quite flexible with our services and offer time slots of four, six and eight hours. However, you might want to remember that if the weather is great, it is better to go for the longer trips for nearshore fishing. Even if you cannot opt for an eight-hour trip, we would advise you to pick at least a six-hour one. Anything shorter than that would greatly reduce or eliminate your chances of catching certain species.

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