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Nearshore Fishing Photos

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Among fishing enthusiasts, nearshore fishing in the ocean is quite a popular activity. We offer nearshore fishing charter services off the Crystal Coast and Cape Lookout. We target a variety of fish, such as sharks, Spanish mackerels, king mackerels, bluefish, flounders, black sea bass, etc. However, the catch largely depends on the weather. You can enjoy a wholesome fishing experience even while staying within a viewing distance from the land. However, if you wish to venture deeper into the ocean, we are ready to do it.

We are quite flexible with our services and offer time slots of four, six and eight hours. However, you might want to remember that if the weather is great, it is better to go for the longer trips for nearshore fishing. Even if you cannot opt for an eight-hour trip, we would advise you to pick at least a six-hour one. Anything shorter than that would greatly reduce or eliminate your chances of catching certain species.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities, Towns and Surrounding Regions of NC:
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